A Complete Guide to Wisdom Teeth

When it comes to wisdom teeth, most people are completely uninformed, often believing misinformation that has circulated for hundreds of years. At MiraBella Smiles we believe that patient education is an essential part of providing the best dental care possible and are proud to cover wisdom teeth and everything you need to know about them. We hope that you learn something new!

About Wisdom Teeth

The wisdom teeth are the last molars you receive and usually erupt between age 17-25. It is believed that ancient humans used wisdom teeth to grind up foods that were more difficult to digest. As we’ve evolved, however, more and more patients do not have adequate space for wisdom teeth, resulting in complications such as impacted wisdom teeth.

Why Remove Wisdom Teeth?

As mentioned above, as humans have evolved through time, space for wisdom teeth has become less common. When there is not enough space for wisdom teeth, complications often occur such as tooth overcrowding, impacted teeth, partially erupted teeth and even oral infections. Ultimately, left untreated, impacted wisdom teeth can result in serious infection, even sepsis (an infection of the blood that can be fatal).

Is Wisdom Tooth Removal Necessary?

Wisdom tooth removal is not necessary for every patient, at MiraBella Smiles we provide consultations prior to wisdom tooth removal to evaluate our patients’ smiles and overall oral health and determine if wisdom tooth extraction is recommended for them.

When to Remove Wisdom Teeth?

When it comes to removing wisdom teeth, it is important to do so as early as possible. The longer wisdom teeth remove in the mouth, the more stable and secure they become. When removed early, wisdom teeth are less likely to cause damage to the surrounding supporting tissue, including the bone.

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