What are the Health Benefits of Straight Teeth?

Orthodontics is a vital specialty of dentistry that takes care of the alignment issues related to teeth. As permanent teeth develop, they can develop an anomaly that leads to crookedness and even a crowded mouth. All these are issues taken care of under orthodontics. Even then, not enough people believe in the essence of realigning teeth to straighten them.

More About Orthodontics

It entails using various dental appliances through customized treatment plans to change how teeth sit on teeth. Orthodontics offers the kind of treatment that requires a long time to yield the expected results and is one of the specialties that does not rely on sedation dentistry.

The concept of orthodontics is based on applying controlled pressure on teeth. The pressure is meant to push teeth into a shift toward the correct direction so that they can be straight. A lot of the patients that require orthodontics have several teeth sitting wrongly on teeth. Some patients get to this point because of the jawbone is too small for the teeth. For others, the bone regeneration process did not necessarily work as is should have. Even genetics can affect how teeth sit on teeth.

Orthodontics relies on various dental appliances to achieve the intended goals, including Invisalign clear aligner, braces, retainers, mouthguards, teeth spacers to mention a few. Unlike simple procedures like teeth whitening, orthodontics is a long process. Depending on the severity and complexity of the misalignment, the treatment plan can last around 3-6 months, or go on for years, before teeth are properly aligned. This is why some patients are still hesitant about considering such treatments for their crooked teeth.

Health Benefits of Straight Teeth?

The most apparent advantage of realigning your teeth is for cosmetic reasons. Your smile looks better when teeth are positioned correctly. However, it is not the only reason. Many benefits can be linked to having straight teeth, including the following:

  • Easy cleaning – oral hygiene is paramount for a healthy mouth. No matter how aggressive you are with brushing your teeth and flossing, it can never be enough if your teeth are crooked and crowded. Straight teeth allow you to get to all surfaces of your teeth when you brush. Besides, there are no teeth overlaid on others to trap food residues and plaque. You, therefore, may never have to battle with bad breath and plaque build-up.
  • Healthy gums – when teeth have grown in the wrong direction and are mispositioned, they compromise the gums. Most patients with a crowded mouth or crooked teeth have gum-related problems, including gum recession, and gum bleeding. Gingivitis, and even periodontitis, is more likely to happen on patients with crooked teeth than those with straight teeth. The reason is that straight teeth do not trap plaque that causes an infection of the gum tissue.
  • Reduced risk of jaw trouble – your jaw is bound to succumb to different problems when your teeth are not straight. The reason behind it is that malpositioned teeth cause an improper bite. The improper bite puts a strain on the jaw, which then leads to jaw problems.
  • Even tooth wear – since all your teeth are correctly aligned, then all teeth are exposed to an equal amount of pressure that comes with chewing, among other activities of the mouth. However, for crooked teeth, some teeth take on more pressure than they should. This then leads to uneven and abnormal wear of some teeth.
  • Infrequent mouth injuries – do you remember the last time you bit your cheeks? If you have straight teeth, you may not relate much to this. People with crooked teeth bite their tongues and cheeks more often than the rest of the world. The improper bite is to blame for this.
  • Improved self-confidence – there is nothing better and appealing than a self-confident person. They go about life differently because of how they feel about themselves. Straight teeth are cosmetically appealing. People with straight teeth smile and laugh more than those with crooked teeth and a crowded mouth.
  • Improved overall health – when your teeth and mouth are healthy, your entire body stands a better chance at being healthy. Straight teeth ensure your mouth is clean and functional at all times. This means that you can comfortably go about different functions of the mouth with ease, including eating. You end up enjoying a balanced meal and leading a healthy lifestyle.